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3 Hour Florida Core Law

Course Description

This course meets the 3 hour Core Law requirement for all renewing Florida real estate licensees. This course will cover a variety of topics including updates and clarifications on the Florida Real Estate Commission's (FREC) most current rules and regulations specific to the practice of real estate.

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14 Hour Real Estate Continuing Education

Course Description

This course is required every two (2) years prior to real estate license renewal and includes the 3 hour Core Law requirement. Taught in our state-of-the-art classrooms there is NO EXAM REQUIRED for the successful completion of the course. Our experienced, practicing real estate professionals facilitate a lively learning experience covering current real estate laws both federal and state along with any recent changes.

Remember, all Florida real estate licenses expire March 31st or September 31st. Don't procrastinate, complete this required 14 hour course now and beat the rush!

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45 Hour Real Estate Post License Course

Course Description
All real estate licensees are required by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) rules to complete a 45 Hour Post License Course prior to the expiration of your first license. their first license expiring. This applies to all licensees with active or inactive real estate licenses. Failure to complete this requirement within the first license licensure period will result in the loss of the license. Don't let this happen to you.

This course is designed to be application based and enhance your practice of real estate. Taught by real world practicing real estate professionals in a relaxed, interactive fashion the course takes a look at essential topics including: business planning, prospecting, valuing property, the listing presentation, finance and much more. Dynamic course content combined with supporting visual presentations and lively classroom discussions creates an the optimal and fun learning environment.

This course is offered to all Florida real estate licensees at highly competitive pricing – just compare.  The course included the required textbook. None members welcome at extremely competitive pricing just compare. Don't delay - Register today!  Cost: $145

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60 Hour Broker Post

The Florida Real Estate Commission rules require anyone with a Broker's license to complete 60 hours of Post-License education prior to their first renewal period. Failing to complete the Post-License course before the renewal of your first license will result in the loss of your license. Don't put your license at risk, register today with The South Florida Real Estate School.

The 60 hour Broker Post License course is divided into two 30 hour segments

  1. 30-hours of Brokerage Office Management, covering policy and procedures needed to run a successful real estate office. There is a 50 question end of course exam.
  2. 30-hours of Real Estate Investment Analysis, covering real estate from an investor's point of view. There is a 50 question end of course exam

State Prep Review

Course Description
A three (3) day focused review of the course material presented with the passing state exam in mind. Designed to reinforce and review textbook material and math concepts to better focus your study efforts. This course is meant to enhance your performance on the required state exam so you will pass on the very first try. Also included is some are basic test taking techniques to even further improve your performance. All students will also receive a Florida Real Estate Exam Manual to help push over the top on the state exam. The manual is the most comprehensive study tool available, including over 600 practice questions and 2 100 question practice exams. Also included is some are basic test taking techniques to even further improve your performance. Classes offered in both Miami-Dade and Broward for your convenience.

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72 Hour FREC II Broker Course

Course Description

  • 72 Hour FREC II Broker Course
  • Get your Brokers License today
  • Only $495
  • Don't pay $600 somewhere else
  • Mon – Wed - Fri for only 2 and half weeks

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